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Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I woke up this morning with a little bit of dread as I headed in to see my Dr. Lately it hasn't always had me walking out in the best of moods. Today, while there was some bad news, the good far outweighed the bad and there has been progress. With progress I always seem to find a bit of renewed energy! I got a lot done today! From bunnies being organized, my EQ2 work caught up on (mostly lol) and the best part? Sands is at work in an extremely good mood. Hey, I get this unnatural high from making someone I love happy, what can I say? So I slipped into SL and found this amazing dress by LeeZu, along with a couple other pieces there that I need to take pictures in because they are oh so amazing. I was extremely excited to not have as many issues with the prims on this top as I usually do. This is big for me, my shape is apparently freakish enough that the scuplt prim hates my av, so I fell in love with the dress even more. It was spared from the 'Mod your shape so you can wear this' folder. Now, normally, I absolutely hate the ankle boot. Hate it. It has issues, it cant figure out if its a boot, a pump, a cross breed? It makes me wince, I cant wear them in RL and own very very few in SL, but...le sigh...it just seemed to be the best shoe for the outfit, by Juicy. Look at it. Mocking me. Shut up shoe, I can delete you!


Fashion aside, I loved that I once again have my own locations to take pictures. Those shown today are at the, now complete, location that Sands and I are now calling home. The building is amazing, and I will do pictures of that build here soon, and its definitely a place I could see us entertaining in. What good is a home if you don't have people over? I had to laugh, when he logged in to see the final work that I had done, when he said 'Tell me you don't want one of those security orbs that I won't be able to get in with.' Seriously? What kind of crazy person has a home, or any other location, that their partner cant get into? Eep, never mind, I don't want to know, its too sad to even imagine. I'm not only am thrilled to share the space with him, I expect him to enjoy it just as much as I will! I can't wait to finish sharing the little corners and decor here, its all perfect. Just like the picture below. The table and chairs are fantastic, and from MudHoney. The food, flowers, and credenza in the back left are all from Plush Pod, while the tray back there was a Christmas gift from NotSoBad last year. A mixture from most of my favorite furniture designers and I love how it looks. Anyone coming over for dinner?


On to a bit more rambling, nothing at all to do with the furniture or fashion of SL, just my fingers letting lose on the keys. Things have been so good the last few days, still, and are a major part of why I am feeling a lot better and able to just maintain more than I had in the past. There is often RL stress, but it always works out, in the end. Sands and I are really enjoying the progression of our EQ2 guild, becoming bigger and better every week. I've been so proud of him, and how he has handled things and people lately, he really has impressed me more than I ever thought possible. Past that? He is also still supporting me through some of the toughest times in my life. Right now I can promise you he will be sitting at work, reading this, and smiling at his phone, his employees probably thinking he is still out of his mind for it, but thankful for the amazing mood he is in today. We've got it all going for us right now babe, and I'm still here fighting even harder because of you.

Have an amazing hump day everyone. The week is half over and its going to be an awesome weekend when it gets here. I know I am looking forward to it, lets see what kind of adventures we can lose ourselves into!

Dina's Duds:
Clothing: LeeZu!
Shoes: Juicy
Skin: Belleza
Hair: Truth
Table and Chairs: MudHoney
Food, flowers and back Credenza: Plush Pod
Tray: NotSoBad

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Style Card

I think it was near or around a year ago that I first blogged anything by Sway's. Was just a little bear she had handed out as a group gift, and I knew I had to find some way to get the lil guy included. Today, however, I didn't go looking for bears. I've been seeing her new animations as she shares them on her blog and went to buy a couple. Instead, I got them all. Yes, all. I'm that all or nothing kinda woman, and its worth it. Just a couple of them, wearing a set by Whippet & Buck.

Style Card

Dina's Style Card:
Clothing: Whippet & Buck
Feet: SLink
Skin: Belleza
Hair: Truth
Poses: Sway's

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Monday, May 10, 2010


I want to say first, thank you, again because more came in, to everyone for each comment you left behind, even the harsh nasty one, the last couple of entries. For the majority of them, Sands and I are really thankful for your support (see his comment as well!) and for the others well, thanks to you too! As a result, Sands and I spent literally hours upon hours talking about the things we have ended up missing out on with our time in SL because we wanted to avoid the place completely. So, we came up with a million and one things we want to do, people we have missed, places we want to see and blog. The work we want to do together again (not to mention a hecuva lot of trouble and naughty mischief) and I am looking forward to getting it all done and sharing it with you! Some of these things are going to be shared here, so Grand Illusion will be a lot more active again. Some of them are just more simple fashion related, so Style Card will be utilized as much as possible as well. What Sands will put on his blog is anyones guess, but I know there are a lot of people hoping it isn't them! I'm not worried, I'm sure it will be interesting when we get there too! See that picture? It starts there, with that large piece of land and about 1200 prims left (after the things I had to do on the other side of that mountain, come visit me!) and some fun ideas for what we want. I can't wait to start filling it in and posting progression pictures.

On to the out of SL front, it was an amazing weekend! I had some RL things to deal with and he was, yet again, my major source of strength and endurance through it all. I will never understand how he does it, but with just a conversation my entire world can become calm and perfect again. Even where some tried to shake my trust in him, or faith in us, they only succeeded in making it even stronger. We've decided its an addiction, I don't think there is a meeting for this kind of thing, is there? After more than a year together you would think we would be used to it all, yet there are still surprises daily. Just ask plurk...oh the torture we put out on plurk ha!

The best part, as far as I am able to share on a blog, was watching Red Cliff with him! It...was...amazing!! Go look up some information on it, but its based on Sands favorite books of all time, Three Kingdoms, and the movie was fantastic. It took us two evenings to finish it but it was so worth the lack of sleep! I can't wait until we get our next set of movies to watch, I believe Warlords is going to be ordered tonight. Must, see!

Thats my weekend in a nutshell, and Monday has been fabulous as well. He is ultra busy at work, and I am getting things together in SL for us in the evenings. Never far though, talking constantly all day long, I swear I am going to end up getting him fired! Oh, what an idea...more time for me! I've actually been filled with renewed energy after the last week, and I honestly give the credit to Sands and what he is doing for me. Don't worry, now that we have so much to work on, my blog entries wont be quite so sap filled. Ok, maybe...you were warned at least!

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