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Sunday, December 19, 2010

SC 12-19-10

I've counted myself very lucky the last couple of years that I don't ever spend any holiday really alone. I have a partner I adore, pardon the scandal, and am looking forward to a wonderful Christmas with him this year. However, we don't have much time outside of EQ2 to play in SL and goodness gracious me, getting him to be still long enough to take a picture is nearly impossible! I stood and waited, and waited, and waited, just no luck yet. All was not lost! In his place today is this sad little noob, hey, they need kisses on Christmas too!

SC 12-19-10

He looks quite smitten, doesn't he?! I set an extra place at the table for him, make over suggested before Christmas dinner. (Yes, its a prop, no noob was injured in the making of these photos) Who could resist a dinner invite with this amazing table setup? I absolutely love the beautiful dishes and layout of this holiday table by The Loft. I am looking forward to surrounding this table with all the love and friendship my loved ones fill me with daily. Maybe they will sit still long enough for pictures of that, too!

SC 12-19-10

The table set also comes in an amazing blue and ice color tone. I stood in the store for an hour debating which one I wanted, I think in the end people must of thought I was insane. Please, no comments of agreement! After setting the table and waiting around under the mistletoe for a while, I gave up! Who started this darn ole tradition anyway?

SC 12-19-10

A huge thank you to the designer of HopScotch for putting up with my random ideas. She sat and chattered with me a bit last night and got these poses out for "The Mistletoe Dilemma" over night!! I was so surprised to get up today and find she not only had the poses done, but released, and I adore them! Thank you so much Chandni! If you haven't visited either shop, The Loft or ~*HopScotch*~, you are honestly missing out!

As was tradition on my last, now long gone, blog...just mild rambling. Home is fast becoming chaotic as I plan and pack for the kids to visit the other half of their family up in VA for the holidays. I knew we wouldn't be able to do an extravagant Christmas here, times are tough all over, and I knew we couldn't afford to rent a van for all of us to go (7 people in a car that seats 5 is a no-no) I've arranged for the youngest to stay home with me and everyone else is off to be with family that will spoil them and love getting to see them anyway. As of, oh, an hour ago, my mother and brother are on their way back to California so it will really be a quiet holiday around here.

Luckily I will be spending those quiet evenings with Sands, while we didn't get to spend any time together last holiday season he is eagerly ready to put up with me this year. Or, at least, he says he is! He may be dreading it lately as I get grumpy from the chaos. Maybe, just maybe, I can sneak him under that mistletoe.

Wishing you each a wonderful week ahead, and a beautiful Sunday!

Dina's Style Card:

Holiday Table: The Loft
Poses and Props: ~*HopScotch*~
Sweater: Jane
Skirt: *ENCEMBLE* Now closed =(
Hair: [elikatira]
Skin: LAQ
Shoes: Cherry

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Saturday, December 18, 2010


Its not fashion, but it counts as style, right? I logged in the other day to a note card about the new NotSoBad skyloft and I knew I wanted it instantly. I've always loved, but never had the room or prims, for the NotSoBad prefabs. I went so far as to sacrifice bunnies on my sim in order to build this because it fit so perfectly for us. I had to wait until payday to get it, and watched as a few people through plurk started posting pictures and driving me crazy with having to wait.


It was worth the wait! I gave in and bought a few packs of items from NotSoBad as well, the kitchen, dinning room, bathroom, bedroom and living room...ok the entire house is almost all furniture from NotSoBad. A few decorative touches here and there, but this house is Not So Bad, in so many ways. I did a couple of edits, took a window out in the kitchen and copied that wall a couple of times. Other than that, everything fit perfectly, I haven't been this excited about a home in a long time.


Not sure why I felt the need to blog this seeing as over the next few weeks I will most likely be doing most of my pictures here. Its a new happy place, gawsh how I needed one.

Style Card:



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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

SC 12-14-10

I've never really been fully sold on this 'blond' deal. Its stepping far out of my norm, which was always pale with dark hair, much like I am in real life. When I made the switch to blond I wanted some sort of drastic change, at the same time in real life having just cut my hair off to donate. What better way than to go from raven hair to blond? Hmmm. Will be playing with it a bit longer and will see if my Ls can handle the switch back after filling up on blond hairs.

SC 12-14-10

The look, I love. Miel makes me happy, the top and scarf being theirs. Scarf removed for the 2nd picture, I'm so darn wishy washy I couldn't decide if I liked it on or not! The belt and shoes are Pixel Mode, I've gone a bit boot crazy lately. Jeans, if you've ever read anything else I've ever posted you could guess, drawmachine. Too typical of me, but I almost forgot how to do this 'blogging' stuff! Thoughts for the new year are a completely new look, and more frequent postings. When I say a new look, thats all blog and av. 'Dina' is getting a bit stale, boring, same ole same ole and I need new, exciting, crazy. Hmmm, perhaps!


On a completely different topic, from the av to the game that is, I actually logged in for the first time on a new viewer. Imagine that! However, this is going to take a lot of getting used to. Nothing is where it should be and this took me way longer than usual! I do rather like it, but don't quote me on that.

Hoping you all are having a wonderful season so far, staying warm and spending as much time with loved ones as I wish I could be. Missing many of you...

Style Card:
Shirt & Scarf: Miel
Boots & Belt: [PM]
Jeans: drawmachine
Skin: LAQ
Hair: Truth

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