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Saturday, April 25, 2009


Since I am rather sure that 99% of the people that look at the feeds or check blogs for Second Life never read a single word that is posted alongside the photos, I always debate just how much 'text' is required per blog post. Lately I have had a lot I want to say. About Second Life, fashion there in, and the people that are consistently obsessed with the feeds and the going on's of other residents. Would there even be a point? Is anyone really listening to anyone else? Then I realized, its my blog. Why do I censor what I write in my own blog? Why do I sit and hold concern for what other people are going to say, think, or do because of me expressing my own thoughts and opinions about this virtual world? Another realization, right now? I don't. My SL and life period has changed in so many ways the last few weeks that I have a new outlook on the way I behave, and the way I let others behavior affect me. If you detect a change in direction with my blog, that would be why.


I don't often find myself alone in SL anymore. Rylan was keeping me company yesterday when I snapped these photos, though she was just out of snapshot range when I took them. I honestly have no clue who the person is on the piano in the distance, but I think that's how most of us spend our time in SL. Just a short distance away from someone we may or may not ever meet, who may or may not change our SLives for ever. At any single moment of your time in SL, you could be walking into a room, or standing near someone who could ultimately bring out the worst, or the very best in you. Someone who may have noticed you for some time, or a stranger that will in a short time mean the world to you. What experiences and passions do so many miss, by not paying attention to what others are saying, doing, and feeling? I don't even expect answers, as again, 99% of the people that even come across this entry won't read a single...tiny...word.


After a bit of a break from being snapshot happy, I have begun capturing some of my most treasured moments in Second Life again, and of those around me. The above shot is one of my closest friends within Second Life and her new love. They didn't realize I was sneaking pictures, and to me this was just perfect. Stolen whispers, hidden away from the world, finding each other even though the odds were against it. These are the rare moments when you get to lose yourself in someone else, and find they are lost within you as well. I swore to myself I would never find that in Second Life, not after past pain, and walled myself away.

Hunger for Me

Luckily, he didn't know that, came in, blew away my defenses and has become my everything. The world has changed. While it seemed against him, he found me, pulled me in, consumed me, and let my heart mend his. He let me see myself through his eyes, and saw himself in mine. Even though the words are weak compared to what we have, I love you Sands, I don't care what the world says anymore. We balance each other in ways that most people will never understand. Even if they are looking at me thinking I've gone crazy, or try to pull me away or fill me with doubt, I only see you.

His comfort

So, even though I know again that most people won't read a single word I have typed, its here. The blog will have a new look in the next couple of weeks and contain more random fashion posts, mingled in with all of the normal rambling and such. Time for a little bit of an adventure, come along or get lost behind, its my turn.

Credit where credit is due:
Top Two Images, Dina's Duds:
Cover Up: eLDee Tank: Elate
Jeans: Decoy Boots: Kitties Lair
Skin: Redgrave Hair: Zero Style
Location: Unintended Water Poses: SEmotion

3rd Image:
Pose by: Meya

4th Image:
Pose by: Meya On Her: Jacket: Truth
Jeans: Drawmachine Boots: Kitties Lair
Skin: Redgrave Hair: Zero Style

On Him: Necklace: Devilfish Mall Gloves: Drawmachine
Belt: Muism Sunglasses FNKY Slacks: Armidi Gisaci
Boots: JCS Jacket: Muism

5th Image:
Location: Waffle Island
Pose: Custom iNKZ
On her: Last Call (Retired)
On him: her!

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Friday, April 17, 2009

April 17, 2009

Cleaning my inventory and reorganizing it has been on the top of my to do list for some weeks now. Yesterday I actually started tackling my main folder, the one where everything automatically ends up when you go out on a shopping spree, instead of working on what you already have. I need to work on that habit, or just give in and do it more. This outfit actually was tossed together purely by accident, yet has gained a place on my favorites list. I've been working on including more accessories into my outfits, and many of the sets at Twisted & Spoiled fills in my accessory need perfectly. The top was found at Twosome, a fabulous small store that I found while browsing the feeds. The rest was already lurking somewhere in my inventory, per usual.

April 17, 2009

The dominate pieces in these photos are, of course, the furniture! With the amazing scuplted work and detailed textures, the furniture from Not So bad has taken over one of my entire builds. I honestly fell in love with their furniture and purchased about half the store, twice! Anyone is welcome to come and visit us on Waffle Island and see the amazing explore areas and the castle that holds these pieces. It is well worth the visit, and be sure to share your images with us! (Flickr group to come)

Furniture: Not So Bad
Pants, Belt, Arm Band: Twisted & Spoiled
Top: Twosome
Hair: Zero Style
Skin: Redgrave
Shoes: Kitties Lair
Pose: Vain (2nd image only)
Location: Waffle Island

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Monday, April 6, 2009

April 6, 2009

Spring sprang, and then left again here. Thank goodness the seasons are not so fickle in Second Life! I was able to spend a great deal of time today working on yet another area of our sim and decided to take a break to post this look of the day. The outfit is the RFL item that Mischief has provided and I absolutely love the colors. Mischief was always been one of my favorite designers, one of many that has stuck with SL over the years producing fabulous clothing. To date, my Mischief folder has had to be organized into sub folders countless times because I simply have so much! I also took this chance to show one of my newest favorite hairs from ETD, she has a handful of new items out now that the sim is open again so be sure to stop by and try them. The location, of course, is Waffle Island, my own personal landscaping and decorating playground. Please come by and visit us, even though improvements are still being done. Hopefully you enjoy the place as much as I am!

Dina's Duds & Credits

Outfit: Mischief
Skin: Redgrave
Hair: ETD
Location: Waffle Island

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Friday, April 3, 2009


Apparently my blogging experience is going to come out weekly, though I do try and get in to blog a few times a week. Those attempts are often thwarted by seductions of procrastination by my friends, and while I love them to death it appears that 8am is now my official blog time, on Fridays, since they are sleeping. Of course, plurk is still open, but shh, I am allowed one mild distraction!

April 2, 2009

Earlier in the week I made a stop over at Naive to pick up the 'Karma Whore' shirt I had seen in a few different places and paused to do a bit of shopping. I am not exactly sure why, but up until now I have very rarely worn shorts in SL. Maybe its the way the mesh tugs at the material on the inner thighs, or the fact that I actually don't have many pairs of shorts to begin with. So I decided to snag a pair and couldn't resist this t-shirt either. Sorry, my Limited Time Offer isn't a blog notice about a sale, just the awesome shirt. I was still wearing it while attempting to clean up my inventory, another easily procrastinated event, when I tossed on this long sleeved sweater by Twosome and just loved the way it looked. I need to go sock shopping for this spring and summer, but I managed to find these by Ducknipple and even wore my new shoes by UBU. I was a bit shocked to find I had absolutely no shoes to go with outfits like these and went out right away to get the Drunks by UBU, they have about a million different ways you can texture and color them, a must have as far as I am concerned.

April 2, 2009

The furniture included in the above two shots was sent to me by a designer of GREENE concept and I love the pieces I received, even though I haven't had a chance to do pictures with all of them. Each couch cushion or chair, comes with multiple textures and colors for you to fit it into your decor, or for a bit of variety. Texture changes are a snap with the drop down menu and each piece also comes with multiple poses. I hope to include another piece in an upcoming blog post as well. If you are looking for versatile furniture, be sure to give them a visit in your shopping adventures. The pose in my final picture here is from Diesel Works, always worth a visit when hunting down the perfect pose.

April 2, 2009

By now everyone on my plurklist, at least, knows how excited I have been about being able to move my home and landscaping adventures to a new sim with a new dear friend. It should be no surprise when I feature the land in most of my pictures, keeps me from lingering on other peoples sims while half afk or knee deep in inventory cleansing. Every picture in todays entry is on Waffle island, changes being made constantly, partially by me. I've always enjoyed having a lot of land to play with and my new landlord is absolutely awesome, letting me play and tweak things a bit. My neighbors though, will have to keep an eye on them. Trouble makers, every single one!

Dina's Duds & Credits

Limited Time Offer T-shirt and Shorts: Naive
Undershirt: Twosome
Socks: Ducknipple
Shoes: UBU - Ubran Bomb Unit
Furniture: GREENE concept
Belt in image 2: CatNip
Glasses: Persenickety
Skin: Redgrave
Hair: Zero Style
Pose in final image: Diesel Works
Location: Waffle Island

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